Learn Java Programming In Hisar with Bada School | Lecture 1

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Programing is a way to communicate with computer . With the help of programming we can provide our instructions to the computer . Programming is just a way to communicate like we talk with our friends in our Hindi and English.

Java is general purposed , class – based , object oriented programming language designed for lesser implementation dependencies. It is a computing platform for application development.

Java was originally developed by James Gosling. at sun microsystems , which was acquired by oracle and released in 1995 as core component of Sun Microsystems Java platform.

Some Details Of Java

Original Developer James Gosling
Now Java is developed by Oracle Corporation
First ReleaseMay 23, 1995
Latest stable releasedJava SE 16
Latest version LaunchedMarch 16, 2021
Filename extension.java , . Jar . .class
Official Websiteoracle.com/java/
Java is now developed by Oracle

Version Of Java

End of Free
Public Updates
Support Until
JDK Beta1995??
JDK 1.0January 1996??
JDK 1.1February 1997??
J2SE 1.2December 1998??
J2SE 1.3May 2000??
J2SE 1.4February 2002October 2008February 2013
J2SE 5.0September 2004November 2009April 2015
Java SE 6December 2006April 2013December 2018
December 2023, paid support for Zulu
Java SE 7July 2011April 2015July 2022
Java SE 8 (LTS)March 2014January 2019 for Oracle (commercial)
December 2030 for Oracle (non-commercial)
December 2030 for Zulu
At least May 2026 for AdoptOpenJDK
At least May 2026 for Amazon Corretto
December 2030
Java SE 9September 2017March 2018 for OpenJDKN/A
Java SE 10March 2018September 2018 for OpenJDKN/A
Java SE 11 (LTS)September 2018September 2027 for Zulu
At least October 2024 for AdoptOpenJDK
At least September 2027 for Amazon Corretto
September 2026,
or September 2027 for e.g. Zulu
Java SE 12March 2019September 2019 for OpenJDKN/A
Java SE 13September 2019March 2020 for OpenJDKN/A
Java SE 14March 2020September 2020 for OpenJDKN/A
Java SE 15September 2020March 2021 for OpenJDK, March 2023 for Zulu[8]N/A
Java SE 16March 2021September 2021 for OpenJDKN/A
Java SE 17 (LTS)September 2021September 2030 for ZuluTBA

Why java is so popular ?

  • Java is an object-oriented programming (OOP) language
  • Java is user-friendly
  • Java is easy to learn , and it is also easy to run.
  • Java is platform independent.
  • We use Java to build easily android applications , or run desktop applications Java for everything
  • Java boasts of rich API
  • A big community backs Java
  • Java has excellent documentation
  • Java has a strong development roadmap with continuous progress in security and performance.
  • Java is open source programming language.
  • Java has a suite of powerful development tools (IDE)

Scope OF Java

  • Building Android apps
  • Java web applications
  • Software tools
  • Scientific applications

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