Choudhary Chhotu Ram | Sir Choudhary Chhotu Ram

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 Choudhary Chhotu Ram | चौधरी छोटू राम

Choudhary Chhotu Ram Birth Details

Sir Chhotu Ram was born on 24 November 1881, was a prominent politician in the Punjab province of British India. Chhotu Ram was born in the small village of Rohtak in Garhi Sampal.

Choudhary Chhotu Ram Education Details

Chhotu Ram’s real name was Rai Richpal, completed his primary education in middle school Jhajjar in 1891, after passing the intermediate examination in 1903, Chhotu Ram ji Graduated at St. Stephen’s College. Chhoturam ji went on to pursue a law degree in Agra.

In 1911, he obtained a law degree, started advocating with Lalchand in 1912, and the same year the Jat Sabha was formed.

At the time of World War , Chaudhary Chhoturam ji recruited 22144 Jat soldiers from Rohtak which was half of all other soldiers.

On 1 January 1913, the Jat Arya Samaj organized a huge gathering in Rohtak in which the resolution of establishing the school of Jat College was passed, which resulted in the establishment of the school in the September.

In 1913, he started a revolutionary newspaper named as Chaudhary Chhoturam Ji Jat,the oldest newspaper in Haryana is.

In August 1920, Chaudhary Chhoturam left the Congress because Chaudhary Sahib did not agree with Gandhiji’s non-cooperation movement.

Chaudhary Choturam, died in Punjab politics on January 9, 1945.

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