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Question 1: What is the chemical formula for Caustic Soda ?

Answer: NaOH

Question 2: Chemical Formula for Marble –

Answer: CaCO3

Question 3: What is the Chemical name of laughing gas ?

Answer: Nitrous Oxide

Question 4: Which is the tallest mammal ?

Answer: Giraffe

Question 5: Which part of body does Influenza affect ?

Answer: Respiratory System

Question 6: Which part of body does Measles affect ?

Answer: The whole body

Question 7: Plague affects the following part of the body –

Answer: Armpit, lungs and blood cells

Question 8: One Horse Power is equal to –

Answer: 746 watt

Question 9: Plague is caused by –

Answer: Pasteurella Pestis

Question 10: Cholera is caused by –

Answer: Vibrio Colerae

Question 11: What is the pH value of blood ?

Answer: 7.4

Question 12: Who had discovered Electron ?

Answer: J.J Thomson

Question 13: Nucleus is discovered by –

Answer: Rutherford

Question 14: Who had discovered Genetic Code ?

Answer: Dr Hargobind Khurana

Question 15: Who had discovered Insulin ?

Answer: Frederick Banting

Question 16: Bronze is constituted from ?

Answer: Copper and Tin

Question 17: Who had devised the Celsius scale ?

Answer: Swedish Astronomer Anders Celsius

Question 18: In which year did he devise the Celsius scale ?

Answer: In 1742

Question 19: How much part do the rain forests cover the land of the earth ?

Answer: around 6%

Question 20: The constituents of Steel are –

Answer: Nickel and Carbon

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